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    Don't ask for your privacy. Take it back. On June 5th: Reset the Net.
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    1-Click NodeJS Raspberry Pi Browser Installer

    1-Click NodeJS Raspberry Pi Browser Installer

    As some know, the Raspberry Pi has become nothing but über popular. With that being said, we’re getting more and more new users who aren’t familiar with the Linux/UNIX-like environment. This is why VSTheWeb.com “Lab” will be offering 1-Click popular Raspberry Pi Installers right from here in the VegasTech Community (http://vegastech.com).

    So, how does it work? You simply insert your Pi details…

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    Bake Cookies & 3D Print a Cookie Cutter, I Designed?

    Bake Cookies & 3D Print a Cookie Cutter, I Designed?

    Lately I have blogged more and more about 3D Printing or automated printing things using batter for Pancakes. So, I thought I would share some of my own works…

    As some of you know, when I publish to thingiverse that you see on Twitter, normally is a Cookie Cutter? Yes, I co-own a Candy, Cake, Cookie Company and sometimes we need to make the item a little more special than normal. With that being…

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    Wake up and Print a Pancake?

    Wake up and Print a Pancake?

    It seems more and more edible 3D Printing is going to arrive but now we have maybe a different class of Printers for edibles… PancakeBot!

    At Maker Faire Bay Area, the PancakeBot is the Printer where “batter not included”. In the demo they show the dream world where we wake up and we can have more than just Mickey Mouse pancakes. Now we can get really adventurous!

    This is assuming this becomes a…

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    Social App ‘We Heart It’ is HUGE, but Who’s WE?

    Social App ‘We Heart It’ is HUGE, but Who’s WE?

    As I and some of the tech community have recently heard about this App called We Heart It, a Pinterest meets Flickr and every other image/video stream service but only with a slight twist, you heart what inspires you.

    Now the concept really is nothing new, it is gorgeous but the big question is, they claim to have MILLIONS of users but who are these “WE THE PEOPLE”? Most of us have never heard of…

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    3D Print for Dessert and Newsflash, Willy Wonka is SCARED

    3D Print for Dessert and Newsflash, Willy Wonka is SCARED

    As many in what’s called the “Maker” community, which also refers to the DIY (Do It Yourself) community, know 3D Printing is becoming easier and easier… It’s likely you’ve heard NASA saying or even seen trying to send a 3D Printer to space to help build tools they may need in space but before we get giddy or too off-topic, why do we even know or why is this technology even existing as a name to…

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    Fix SSL by ‘CRYPTING’ DNS, Goodbye HiJacked Sessions!

    Fix SSL by ‘CRYPTING’ DNS, Goodbye HiJacked Sessions!

    As you know, in the world of surveillance, we have lost our freedom, doesn’t matter what country you live in but as an American we have the fear of the NSA and big “GOV”.

    Some of us for years have said they could do this and that, of course we have been labeled: tin foil hatters; paranoid schizos; libertarians and that’s far from the truth thanks to recent leaks in the past year. We’ve been right…

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    Fly isn’t flying around.

    Fly isn’t flying around.

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    Raspberry Pi 101 Classroom Slides: What is the Pi, Setup, & More

    Raspberry Pi 101 Classroom Slides: What is the Pi, Setup, & More

    As some of you know, I taught a class here in Las Vegas the SYN Shop Hackerspace about the basics for Raspberry Pi, some couldn’t make it but it was a full class with a waiting list.

    The good news for those who couldn’t attend, I have made my class slides public. Especially since my future classes will be much more advanced and will need a working Pi. So, these slides will definitely be useful…

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    Microsoft using Nokia to hang Windows Phone Devs

    Microsoft using Nokia to hang Windows Phone Devs

    As someone who has been fascinated by the WP platform and saw previews before it was ever released- I wanted in on it!

    When finally the WP7 came out and we had a platform to physically hold and work with, it was GREAT. Of course having missing things like Copy & Paste was an embarrassment but a new update would come in Months to be.

    It was awful when we found out our WP7′s couldn’t upgrade to WP8…

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